Starter Kit for Reservoirs up to 60 Gallons

  • 3 ea Stainless Steel Split Tube Carriers
    (with SS attachment lanyard and 3 split rings)
  • 9 ea WaterMag Refills (individually packaged)
  • Installation Instructions

Everything you need for an initial system dry up
in a larger hydraulic or lubrication reservoir

Open three WaterMag refills and place one in each carrier. Connect the three carriers in a series, top to bottom, using the provided large split rings. Attach the lanyard to the large hole near the retention screw in the top carrier. Secure the opposite end of the cable to an appropriate location outside the tank. Drop the carriers through any opening greater than 1.125″ ID (28mm) and close up the reservoir. Three days later replace all three WaterMag refills to complete an initial system dry up. Use the last three refills three days later to start your routine maintenance cycle. Routine maintenance intervals will then be based on the rate of water ingress.

(To speed initial dry up or extend maintenance intervals, more Carriers may be used in a single reservoir.)

Each WaterMag adsorbs approximately 2 oz (60ml) of dissolved, emulsified, or free water.
(6 ozs or 180 ml for 3 carriers)

(WaterMags will not react with mineral oils, synthetic oils, or additives.)

Stainless Steel Split Tube Carrier Specifications:

  • 13.875” (347mm) Long
  • 1.125“ (28mm) Outside Diameter
  • 51″ (1295mm) Stainless Retention Lanyard
    (with 2 eyelets)


Drop in—Dry out—It’s just that simple!



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