Spin-on Filters Use FilterMag CTs

CT Size Chart

FilterMag’s CT features

1. POWERFUL, HEAT-RESISTANT NEODYMIUM ALLOY MAGNETS are engineered to focus a magnetic field inside your filter. Specifically formulated to remain effective in the most extreme environments, our magnets are guaranteed to remove particles from oil operating at up to 300ºF while most magnets start losing magnetism at 180ºF

2. PATENTED FLUXCON™ SHIELDING TECHNOLOGY stops magnetic flux which could damage electronic components. Not even a paper clip will stick to the outside of a FilterMag. Our FluxCon™ system also redirects a portion of that magnetic power back into the filter to increase filtration efficiency.

3. RUGGED FLEXIBLE FRAME encases and protects the elements of a FilterMag while providing enough flexibility to fit a range of filter diameters. Our proprietary design and materials are rated for temperatures from -40ºF to +300ºF.