Stainless Steel Split Tube Carrier

  • 1 ea Stainless Steel Split Tube Carrier
    (with SS attachment lanyard and split ring)
  • Installation Instructions

Used to add water adsorbing capacity to an existing WaterMag system.

Can be used to extend maintenance intervals or speed an initial system dry up. Adding an additional WaterMag to a system will increase water holding capacity by 2 ozs or 60ml. Connect the new carrier in a series, top to bottom, with the existing carrier(s) using the provided split ring. May also be used to equip an additional reservoir (up to 20 gallons). NOTE: WaterMag adsorbers are not included. Must be ordered separately or as a kit.


Stainless Steel Split Tube Carrier Specifications:

  • 13.875” (347mm) Long
  • 1.125“ (28mm) Outside Diameter
  • 51″ (1295mm) Stainless Retention Lanyard
    (with 2 eyelets)


Drop in—Dry out—It’s just that simple!



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Additional information

Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in