Filter-Mag-Plugs (“FMP”) are custom made to order on our Haas dual spindle ST30-DSY lathe/mill. FMPs are made from stainless steel and the threads can be made to fit most any application. All use N42SH neodymium rare earth magnets that will not lose magnetic force when they are heated in normal operations. They are rated to 300°F (150°C).

There are 3 tube types available to fit your application; 1) smooth tube, 2) tube with centering fins, and 3) tubes with enhanced rod and centering fins. The following are features of all FMPs:

  • Powerful N42 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
  • Magnet Temperature Rating -40°F to 302°F (-40ºC to +150ºC)
  • Custom Machined from 303 Stainless Steel (316 available)


Plain smooth tube regular drain plugs
  • Smooth finish with rounded end for easy cleaning.
  • Minimized magnetic force at the end of the FMP for easier particle removal.


Tubes with centering fins (patent pending)
  • The fins keep the drain plug centered for easier threading. On larger diameter drain plugs they are required so the plug can be threaded into the oil reservoir.
  • When the plug is removed the fins minimize the particles from contacting the threads in the reservoir. That minimizes the need for cleaning the threads before reinstalling the plug.


These FMPs have steel enhancement rods surrounding the magnetic core and centering fins [patent pending]
  • The rods shrink the diameter of the magnetic field to approximately 1/4 the diameter of the non-enhanced plugs.
  • For a 1″ magnet inside a smooth tube or fins only tube, the Filter-Mag-Plug needs to be 4″ away from internal gears. If the plug is less than 4″ away from the gear or internal component, the gear that is rotating through the field will become magnetized, particles will stick to the gear and caused increased wear.
  • The Enhancement Rods shrink the magnetic field’s diameter and allow the drain plug to be 1″ from the gear or internal component and not magnetize the gear. The magnetic field is also enhanced between the rods, it is 3-5 times stronger which will capture and hold more particles.
BenefitsSmoothCentering Fin
Centering Fins With Rods
N42SH Magnets Powerful neodymium rare earth magnets
Powerful magnetic force
N42SH Magnets N42SH Magnets Temperature Rated -40°F to 302°F (-40°C-150°C)
They do not lose magnetic force in normal operating temperatures.
ReusableReusable-just remove, clean and reinstall. FMPs typically last the life of the equipment.
Minimum Magnetic force at the end of the tube
Made for easy particle removal, just wipe off captured particles towards the end of the tube.
Centering Fins
Allows powerful large diameter magnets to be used. Keeps tubes centered for easy thread starting
Centering Fins
Keeps threads cleaner. Captured particles have minimum contact with threads when removed.
Use in Close Quarters
Gears or other internal components need to be far enough from the magnetic field to not be magnetized.
Internal Clearance"FMP with a 1” diameter magnet requires gear or internal component clearance of:4"